My Creed(/Screed)

(Formerly:  My Essential Premise)

I am a Christian, but…

I am not a Fundamentalist.

  • I am not an atheist, but if atheism and fundamentalism were the only choices offered, I would choose atheism.  I’m sure God understands.
  • I do not believe in the inerrancy of scripture or a literal interpretation of the same, and I highly doubt that you do, either.
  • I am not easily impressed by people who can quote selected passages of scripture, chapter and verse.
  • I believe God is bigger than the Bible, or a stack of bibles, or a pile of bibles, or the volume of all bibles put together.  God cannot be contained.  I do not worship the Bible, nor do I always capitalize it.
  • I believe God loves you whether or not you love God back.  Sometimes I don’t love God.  Loving God isn’t always easy.
  • I believe Jesus of Nazareth was the most liberal liberal in the history of liberalism.  I only wish I could be so liberal.  Feel free to disagree, but you’d be hard-pressed to name anyone so liberal.
  • Even if you do not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, there is much to be valued about what Jesus said, did and taught, or at least what was written that he said, did and taught.  I think so, anyway.
  • I believe faith and reason are separate realms.  Faith cannot be explained on the same terms as reason, and faith is not an excuse to reject reason.
  • Believing and knowing are not the same.  I believe there is a God.  I do not know that God exists.  When people say they know, they don’t.  They believe.
  • I believe the term “Conservative Christian” is an oxymoron.  People who call themselves Conservative Christians make my case frequently.
  • The Religious Right does not speak for me.  I don’t think they represent Jesus very well, either.  Maybe he should sue them for defamation.
  • I have yet to see or hear a televangelist that does not strike me as utterly phony, if not downright fraudulent.
  • I believe in science, and I believe that just because something can be explained scientifically does not diminish a miracle.
  • Science has not unlocked all the mysteries of the universe, but I can’t blame it for trying.  Religion has not unlocked all the mysteries of the universe and is not obligated to try.
  • If you carry a picket sign that starts out, “God hates…,” I seriously question your theology.  You have a narrow view or God and know nearly nothing about Jesus.  I suggest you read the Gospels.
  • If your belief system includes “Death to infidels,” you are likely worshipping Satan and not the God you think you’re worshipping.
  • My opinions and beliefs are not carved into stone.  I am open to new ideas and evidence.  Likewise, my faith is not steadfast.  I wish it were, but it isn’t.

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