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A recent change in my living circumstances allows me to be more free to express my views than I previously could.  I felt stifled.  My wife is an ordained Lutheran pastor, but is no longer leading a congregation.  And, we moved out of the town, my hometown, where she led worship.  I no longer feel the need to suppress my political opinions lest I offend parishoners who disagree with my politics, knowing how people tend to conflate political and religious beliefs (as do I).

My aim is to write new posts or pages weekly or bi-weekly.  Wish me luck with that!  But at least at the outset, I am reasonably confident that current events will provide me sufficient fodder to keep my fingers typing.

My wife is not only a resource as my live-in theological scholar, but she is also my editor.  It’s too bad she isn’t preaching because she’s really good at it.  But she’s also good at writing, and she’s working on a novel.

Besides faith and politics, I do have other interests.  I like sports and music and comedy… lots of things.  But I don’t feel a burning need to write about these things except for how they tie into faith and/or politics.

This site is dedicated to the memory and honor of my daughter, taken way too early from us by brain cancer.

You can contact me by email:  rufus@gl4c.com.

—  Rufus  —


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