Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam….

A couple of apologies are in order here.  First, I apologize for the lack of new posts for far too long.  I could offer up excuses, but I doubt many who take the time to visit and read this site have any interest in them.

Second, I apologize for not adding comments of those of you who have taken the time and trouble to remark on my existing posts.  The reason for this is that this site has been bombarded with spam.  Thousands and thousands of spam messages have polluted my WordPress account, and I have had to sift and purge on a scale I did not imagine when I started the Godless Liberals For Christ (gl4c) blog.  And when I say thousands and thousands, I am not overstating.

A fraction of these messages find their way into my email.  True to the ‘tip of the iceberg’ analogy, when I click on the link to ‘spam’ a comment, there are dozens more to purge.  Each page for sifting contains twenty ‘comments,’ and there are multiple pages each day.  There is an option to check a box that checks all the boxes on a given page, and then I scroll down to see if any might be legitimate.  Most often there are none, so then I click the bulk option that allows me to move all the comments to the spam folder.  But I also find some comments that might be legitimate, so I uncheck those boxes.  Or sometimes I try to uncheck the boxes, but they’re small and I’m working quickly and I miss the checkbox and I accidentally move a good comment to the spam folder.  When I suspect I’ve done that, I have to sort through the hundreds of comments that I’ve spammed in order to find it, and by that time my eyes are fairly glazed.  So if I have erroneously deleted your comment that I should have allowed, I’m sorry.

Then again, of the ones I select for further review, many have a recurring theme of praise for the site or for the article without making any reference to the article in question or the general purpose of the site.  Some of these are written in a tortured syntax that suggests that English may not be their primary language.

Here are some suggestions if you want me to post your comment to something I have written.  First, do not include commercial links.  I do not want to purchase medications online, nor designer clothing or accessories, nor fake designer goods, nor streaming movies still in theaters….  Let’s just say that I don’t use my blog for any personal shopping, and I don’t want it to be a medium for peddling anyone else’s products or services.  Second, I like adulation as much as the next guy, but give me some indication that you have actually read what I wrote.  I am glad that you like my writing, or find me to be knowledgeable on the topic (What topic?  Please advise.), or I’ve been the answer to your long prior quest for ‘information on this topic.’  All well and good, but I’m far more likely to approve of well-argued criticism than general praise.  Finally, in addition to commenting on a post, send me an email to let me know that you’re a real person.  The address is on the “About Me” page, and my email inbox is far less cluttered than my spam-plagued WordPress inbox.  Thank you!

—  Rufus  —